How to write a table of contents in APA style

The table of contents in a manuscript, thesis or book is organized in the order in which the subject appears list. The depth of detail depends on the length of the work. To write a table of contents in APA style, follows the five recommended levels. The assigned levels are designated by numbers according to their importance. If the formatting style is hard to follow, consider adherence to APA outline format, which uses a similar approach.


Watch the manuscript and make a list of all the main themes and sub-subtopics. Note that any major issue with the same level of importance will have the same level of qualification. Topics “title Level 5″ sub “heading at level 1″ paragraphs “heading at level 2″ is assigned. Give any matter that falls below a section “heading at level 3″.

Type “table of contents” in capital letters in a Word document, and focuses the sentence. Do not use underline or bold. Skip three lines.


Find “Format” menu. Go to “paragraph” and then “bleeding”. Click “Clear All”. Install indents on your computer as follows: 0.05 with a left alignment; 1.0 left; 1.5 with left alignment, and 5.5 with right alignment. You armar├ís two columns: one aligned to the left and one on the right.

Aim any category that precedes the main issues, and assigns a page number to those articles in lowercase roman numerals. Click “Enter” three times.

Write summaries and characters known as “leaders” (periods) from the right of the word to the opposite side, where he will meet with the Roman numeral. Aligns all topics and summaries on the right.

Write “Chapter”, and assigns the first main theme with a “1″. Write uppercase theme. Place it in the “heading at level 5″. Moves to the right column and denotes a number of page numbers. Click “OK” and type the following line with the sub-title track, “heading at level 1″.

Make sure each caption is more than one paragraph, similar to an outline format. Each section of the table of contents begins with the highest level and makes a downward progression. A subsections are given the “level 2 heading.”

Continue in this format until all issues are addressed. At the end, add the epilogue, the cited references, appendices, any correspondence, data or indexes your case. Use the same format as in step 4.

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