SBO NEWS also winning ! May I wish Yi Han rat Badminton Championship Korea .

” Pentagrams ” heartbroken after your final slip by rival most important ” Easy hoped for a” 4 hands of the Chinese slapped reaffirmed lodged two straight games . Statistics superior stretch very far won the No. 8 who had met earlier. Afforded the player missed the first game sbo own simple but gets more than 7 lakh solace to Thailand Monday before commitment to veterans immediately following the Malaysian Open .

Competitive badminton, “said Victor Korea Open Super Series 2014″ prize money of 600,000 U.S. dollars (about 18 million baht ) in Seoul, Korea on Sunday, January 12, 57 is to pitch the sixth . Final sbo which is a slap in the shuttlecock of Thailand in the women’s singles ” I May” pentagrams Inthanon rock to break through the blockade was achieved with a single win .

Women’s singles finals, “said May” pentagrams Inthanon World Championship Thailand placing 2nd hand items # 3 of the world down with antagonist hope Ctr hand placed 3 of the list for top 4 . from China for statistics to meet the couple previously had met 7 times a hopefully Ctr that outstrip the victory to all the latest in the battle sbo Danish Open 2013 in October of the past. Easy to find hope in beating the game 2-1 .

The star of the first game unbeaten Rhythm Ratchada final score quickly took the lead 3-1 before Ctr hoping that shaped advantageous rather than the exact game and trying to play the game any longer. All points in the semi-final due to be played over pentagrams sbo hour before the forward pass was a co- chair for the defeat of the non- traumatic causes are physically very fresh .

Easy to find , hoping to accelerate a 4-3 lead , scoring three straight overtook Rat birds slap Raiders scored the 4-4 equalizer Success Ctr hoping that the more you play the better countered with a steady rhythm, squeezing the ball back to them all . Rush game birds need to focus on hitting the ball more as soon as the error was a simple door hit sbo hope Ctr made ​​downed as many as 6 points behind to overtake the lead from 10-4 .

I also try to rush back into their forms to be used to extract strokes made ​​me drop the ball chased by up to 7-11 Hope Ctr came speeding up the placement looks excellent sales before the final stroke. Raiders slap another 6 points stretch far into the distance , leaving the pair to alternately 17-7 score until well into the late game, hoping to move out to 20-10 Ctr pentagrams resolve sbo has a 3- speed stretch. 13-20 but chased away by the game enough to make himself a motor pentagrams befriends hope Harn Easy victory possible in the first game 21-13 .

During a break between games coached Patta arbitrary amount Suk comes down intensive and stimulating pentagrams back into their forms before returning to fight in the second game, the game pentagrams to do better clearly shifted to . Figure 4-1 game, the pair began to fight each other even more similar sbo pentagrams still out of focus for a 5-3 lead , hopefully Easy quick game ball after deep cameo corner .

First, find a good slap in the three raids made ​​three straight points to lead 6-5 to flip this game both very close to even up the score until it turns a 7-7 tie hope Ctr . live better lives on long Game on all ratings pentagrams sbo forced to rectify the situation by constantly hoping Ctr can do it again , scoring four straight to overtake the lead 11-7.

The rush back to make two points about conspiracy pursued at 9-11 but hopefully Ctr commitment to the game on this page. Accelerate the game speed do four points throughout the series, by far, far , hopefully Easy 15-9 for a party still controlled the game it ‘s very superior distance off the lead back to 17-12 pentagrams sbo resolve after the cheers of . Korean fans playing the game long before I made ​​a final attack , scoring four strokes behind to stoke up 16-17.

Game of the pair to come close again early in the game as alternately until the score tied at 18-18 , but the score was later pentagrams to miss it simple . When the parties send their own net to leave the sbobet thai Ctr hope to turn again led 19-18 late in the game also comes with pentagrams resolve the rivalry unbeaten Pats scored again, 19-19 .

Easy to find hope in a single game on a slap up diagonally scored major success overtook the score 20-19 before the match Paul ‘s Auto Ctr hope Rush is the game bird that controlled them all. sbo on this score , but the pseudo -cut drops netted missed out on the side to himself despite the hopes Ctr to go astray, an unrivaled opportunity to do it in the second game hoping Ctr is beat to narrowly 21. -19

Take the 46 minutes in the match , the pentagrams scored from own half slapped 20 points to play netted 8 points the way forward Easy Harn scored from own half slapped 17 points to play netted . Easy 11 points for the sbo hope to win the championship with prize money of 45,000 U.S. dollars (about 1.44 million baht ) and the pentagrams champion prize money of U.S. $ 22,800 (about 729,600 baht ) .

After the game, the way Rush has revealed that bird . ” I regret not winning success. The game today in their first game is not trying to play the game early, but the Raiders have missed several easy points. Accelerate even faster , not natural rhythm sbo aim is to score a lot.

In the second game , they played well even though the score is after all but it can pursue their sbo came stumbling up the score 18-18 to send their children to their own net , though . That is likely to overtake the

That makes their lack of confidence as abruptly . Match their best efforts to it. Easy to watch , hoping to find that game very well . Virtually every stroke making her hit the ball fast break opportunities rarely dominant . After this, the next week he will participate to pitch their sbo Malaysian Open 2014 will try to do the best for the fans wanted . Sports help to cheer on the athletes , badminton, Thailand Thailand Everybody On ” .

For ” Brittany ” Rush Inthanon Bird and coach Patta General Suk money to travel back from Seoul. Korea comes to Suvarnabhumi Airport at around 13.30 pm flight TG 659 on Monday, January 13th, 57 of the 57 sbo on Tuesday , January 14 at 15.00 pm to travel to Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

To join the badminton competition entry ” Maybank Malaysian Open Premier Super Series 2014″ prize money of 500,000 U.S. dollars (about 15 million baht ) sbo in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia During 14-19 January 57

The results of the competition in the other categories. In the finals , “said Victor Korea Open Super Series 2014″ Solitary Man Jackie Chan placing 2 of the hands of two of the world from China to pursue slap defeating Lee Chong Wei sbo hand 1 . world’s # 1 hand items 2-0 of Malaysia 21-14 , 21-15 .

Female Cubao Yi Xin Jin, head guide on tanks placed 5 of the manual entry of 15 of the world from China to win a track for the younger generations to convergence subjected guide of 55 of the world from China a 2-0 game, 21-17 , 21 – . 15 , doubles with Chang Nan Yun Lei guides you drop one of the world’s # 1 manual entry of China defeated compatriot Yu Chen and Ma Jin- guide , place 2 of 4 of the manual entry of China 2-0. games 21-18 , 21-18 , a couple sbo Bowl Momentive Performance with Carsten Jorgensen guide put 1 mo of manual entry of 3 of the world from Denmark to win full steam Feng Feng Wei manual. of 92 of the world from China 2-0 games 21-12 , 21-17 .

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